Ecuador 2017

By Phil Jervis As part of my MRes Tropical Forest Ecology course I was required to undertake a research project involving an extended fieldwork component. After getting in touch with Prof. Mat Fisher and Dr. Andres Merino-Viteri from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE) in Quito, I set about designing a project which would investigate … More Ecuador 2017

Tracking Chytrid in Madagascar

By Steve Allain Until recently, Madagascar was thought to be free from the amphibian chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis; hereafter Bd), which has caused devastation worldwide. For those of you who aren’t aware of the threat the disease poses to amphibians, approximately 200 species have already undergone extinctions or extirpations due in some part to chytrid. … More Tracking Chytrid in Madagascar

Goodbye from me!

By Jenny Shelton After two and a half years in Mat Fisher’s group researching amphibian fungal pathogens Bd and Bsal it is now my time to bid farewell to the herpetology world. In October I started a PhD, with Mat as my primary supervisor, as part of the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet … More Goodbye from me!

Working With Experimental Animals (Part 1)

By Lola Brookes To answer very complex questions regarding virulence, diversity and spread of chytridiomycosis, we have to be able to track the disease through the individual and populations. This means that our research does involve looking at amphibians that have been deliberately and directly infected with chytrids in controlled set ups, in laboratories.   … More Working With Experimental Animals (Part 1)